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AIA UK Excellence in Design Award 2016


The Future of Biomimicry in Architecture


OUT Scholarship Winner 2018

It is the way architecture affects the psyche that intrigues and fascinates me about design. I am an award winning creative designer with a passion for modern art, design and construction. My mathematical and scientific background has provided me with a pragmatic set of skills and knowledge. I am able adapt to any working context and pride myself on my excellent communication skills. My ‘can do attitude’ enables me to utilise my skills to achieve the best possible outcome.


My research explores the intersection between architecture, metabolism, infrastructure, and engineering strategies to interrogate themes of environmental capitalism and geopolitics. Having studied at The Royal College of Art, I am also a recipient of the AIA UK Student Design Award (2016), OUT Scholarship (2018), and the Carpenters' Company Bursary (2020). Furthermore, I have practical experience in both architecture and engineering practices in Taiwan and the UK. Eager to continue exploring opportunities around the world, this experience fostered my interest in culture, time and space. My design-research project, “The Right to Breathe,” explored the relationship between Industrial Capitalism, Environmental Politics and Metabolism by addressing the problems of “sick building syndrome” within caravans often used by marginalised gypsies and travellers. The project was selected in the top 3 jury selection of The Design Film Festival (2020) and was also part of a collaboration with the Serpentine Galleries’ Back to Earth/General Ecology project initiative in the form of a Digital campaign launched in October 2020. 


My most recent project explores the “Phenomena of the Red River” surrounding the recent Norilsk Oil spill in the Siberian Arctic. Speculating on future metabolic states and remediation infrastructures, in this project I position myself -the architect; as both a mediator and an instigator, between the public and political elite. At the conjunction between metabolism and the built environment, this is an area of research I am still currently pursuing.


American Institute of Architects Excellence in Design Student Award (2016)

OUT Scholarship Winner (2018)


RIBA London West Student Award Nomination (2020)

The Design Film Festival, Jury Top 3 Selection (2020)

The Design Museum & The Institute Francais


An analysis of aesthetic style as a means of activism

Carpenters' Company  Bursary Scholarship (2020)


-Rhinoceros 3D





-Model Making







-Premiere Pro


-After Effects


-Hand Drawing

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"Inbetweeness " and Aesthetic Resistance

An analysis of aesthetic style as a means of activism

Masters Dissertation

Zambia Vs Zimbabwe Drawing-01.png


What is real Independence when you are stuck in the shackles of the institution?

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