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Bankside Social Information Centre, Southwark (Small Building)

2015 Project
Student Design Award Winner 2016

The brief required me to design a new architectural small-scale structure that will fulfil a Commercial/Social/Amenity small-scale building that adds ‘value’ in both visual and community to the Tate Modern Complex.

The Bankside Social Information Centre is a concrete structure with a cantilevered roof that acts as a directional map. The key idea was to catch passers by attention, drawing them towards the building whilst at the same time not completely diverting the attention from the Tate Modern. The north side of the roof is made up polycarbonate allowing diffused light to enter the building.  The buildings interior consists of a number of interactive screens informing people about the surrounding buildings and activities around London. There is also a bar serving both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. The landscape on which the building sits on has been constructed to create a sociable welcoming atmosphere where people can sit down, converse and eat their lunch. The elevated grass forms both a pathway and seating area. 

Roof Site 1,500 Render.jpg
Axo Sec 12.png
Distance Perspective.png
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